Finally! Cookies that are nutritious and delicious!

The grocery store aisles used to be filled with nothing but unhealthy options. Fats. Butters. Sugars. Everything your doctor warns you to avoid.

Dr. B’s Best Cookies change all that. Made from wholesome, healthy ingredients - such as organic oat bran, oatmeal, egg whites, fiber and protein powder - these cookies satisfy your taste bud cravings and your doctor’s orders.

For more than a decade, Dr. B toiled on his secret recipe adding only healthful ingredients, ingredients that improve flavor, and never “filler” ingredients searching for that illusive combination of nutritious and delicious. It was only after years of labor and dedication that Dr. B. perfected his recipe and brought his creation to life.

These cookies have been his life’s passion, and now you too can enjoy that magical, mythical combination. Trying just one will make you say, "Nutritious is Finally Delicious!"

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