Meet your grandmother’s #1 competitor

"My dad was a general practitioner, and he inspired a lifelong passion for nutrition. I love cookies, and I’m excited to finally share my healthy recipe with the world."

- Dr. Brian McKee

Dr. B- Dr. Brian McKee- grew up in upstate New York, where his father was the general practitioner in a small town. His mother supported both the
practice and the family, which were located on Main Street.

Dr. B’s parents encouraged integrity and a strong work ethic, fostered a passion for caring for others, and promoted health and nutrition among their children.
Inspired by his parents, Dr. B followed in his father’s footsteps and became a

Although he has worked to instill his parents’ values in his own children, Dr. B
has long harbored a weakness: like so many of us, he loves cookies!

Unfortunately, the grocery store cookie aisle is filled with nothing but empty
calories. Nurtured by a strong desire to maintain good health and an equally
strong love of delicious cookies, Dr. B began working to create a healthy cookie that tasted great.

It had to be nutritious AND delicious! He developed his product gradually, refining it over
the years and testing it with that most critical of audiences, his three children, who enjoyed snacking on his healthy cookies as he refined his recipe. Twelve years later, he perfected a
unique, oat-based cookie that satisfies both requirements.

For years, he made the cookies for his family and close friends, and now he'd like to offer
you the opportunity to try his creation. Once you try one of his cookies, you're sure to agree: Nutritious is Finally Delicious!